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Carefully Crafted

A triptych of priorities - A home designed with honesty, sustainability and functionality.

Working a variety of spaces for a family of four, Villa Casa combines functionality for a family of small children with the key elements of biophilic design in FF&E interiors. Focusing on the WELLness of spaces, we managed to mix a variety of textures - such as travertine, woods, leathers and textiles - all while ensuring the longevity and modularity of pieces purchased for the home.

Media lounges were painted to resemble a holiday beach with wide sun beds, with formal lounges inspired by a lifetime of collected cultures and dialogues. The dining room features a gloss painted ceiling to reflect the gloss of the travertine, and bedrooms breathe stillness through tone and painted lines.

Materials used were all recycled from the owners previous careers - a perfect ESG angle for the project and our company ethics alike.

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