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Fully inspired by the family members themselves, this space was designed to ensure that all characters were present in the new home.

From a collection of hand-me-down furniture pieces to a wonderful, contemporary space, a key part of this project was to ensure that no piece was left aside. With only a handful of family-owned furniture pieces going into storage, each items was repurposed and used to define the different spaces of a home.

Layout was optimised in the living to create a defining relationship with the seaside - which was also accentuated by the sourcing of the new artwork from Mitchell Johnson. Layers of blue, contrasted with bohemian whites and golds create an environment for polished silvers and leathers. Urban beachside living, to the fullest.

Each bedroom was designed with a distinct character - from the relaxing, mature master bedroom, to the playful children's room, to the exciting blossoming nursery, to the focused, nature restoring study - each space created uses a blend of existing pieces and bespoke pieces - perfect for this rental home.

South Bay Villa - Alison & Dan: Feature
South Bay Villa - Alison & Dan: Gallery
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