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The Art of Hosting.

Designed to be a space of celebration, this unique show flat in Queen's Garden was turned into a home toward the end of 2021, in a period of strict travel restrictions in Hong Kong.

It is not unfair to say we were fully inspired by travelling the world (or lack thereof).  The unique interior architecture of Queen's Garden features incredibly high ceilings for a square footage that isn't necessarily the widest - the home therefore invited a touch of drama and opulence. 

A bespoke piece of artwork was commissioned for this space, to become a key focal point of the home. Placed in the most social space of the apartment, the dining area, this artwork is inspired by holiday homes in Italy. Arches soften a masculine interior, and texture invites the city element of Hong Kong into the space. An extra large light feature hangs over an extendable dining table, perfect for hosting large celebrations and dinners.

The study, one of our favourite, looks over the quintessential view of Hong Kong. Sitting from above, this powerful, inspirational view is also shared with an exercise bike, fully utilised during the closure of gyms.

Finally, the master bedroom sits on the duplex level of this home. Painted dark, this space invites deep sleep - with a restful corner by the window to relax, soak up the view and a reading light, for early (or late) evenings of solitude.

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