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Designed for a family of five, this three story house takes us on a journey to our dreams.

The Ground floor: The Earth.
Upcycling a lot of existing furniture here, accents were designed to emphasised the clarity we have when awake, on this earth. From sharp, contrasted colours, to materials sourced for warmth, the living and dining room welcomes the family into a space fully inspired by their natural surroundings, up on the Peak of Hong Kong. A mix of contemporary and chinoiserie decor is also curated here, to feature the blend of cultures and family history.

The First Floor: The Clouds.
Working on a slightly muted, foggy palette, the colours on this level provide maturity and calm. From a sandy, beige bedroom to a grey, deep slumber study, we travel through the clouds where we start to dream. terraces are designed to block the view of concrete walls outside, and provide a gentle light show in the mornings, during sunrise.

The Second Floor: The Dreams.

Once above the clouds, we receive a burst of colour. Welcomed by a bespoke half-moon mirror and a shared bookcase featuring an array of family photographs and memories, the three bedrooms on these floors are decorated to enable each teenage child to express their identity. From floral wallpapers to comic-like artworks, these spaces are strong in character, yet leave room to each child to decorate further, creating their own sense of space.

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