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Urban, biophilic living for a dynamic family.

Working with a family who have collected bespoke artisan furniture pieces and artworks from their world travels, this project stays close to my heart for the journey we, the clients and I, took to get to the final space, a rental just under 1,000 sq. ft., they call home.

Interested in the nature of healing and expressive spaces, the living and dining room are fully defined through a smart use of layout - creating the perfect space to host both intimate and business dinners, for adults and children together. The bookshelf, previously made-to-measure for the master bedroom, is repurposed here to express the personality of the couple through the distinct use of wood and steel, as well as their interests in a curated display of books. Cocktail glasses scattered throughout, for their playful side.

Window ledges are all extended to created day beds in both the master and children's bedroom, with colours selected to match vibrant and calming personalities.

Kennedy Road - Lucille & Dan: Feature
Kennedy Road - Lucille & Dan: Gallery
Kennedy Road - Lucille & Dan: Text
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