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The Studio: What We Do

Letting spaces become places, and turning these places into experiences  - creating sanctuaries in our urban settings, we start the dialogue between environment and emotion, a connection with the exterior and the interior.

Sustainability and biophilia are key components in our work - creating a connection between the natural environment and our wellbeing becomes a focus in all our projects, from material selection to spatial orientations. 

Our speciality: private weddings that exude personality, elegance and timelessness. Understanding our client is key to our success and we make sure that each proposal is tailored to every couple, their story and personalities. From planning to styling, we have your wedding covered for you.

Each occasion has a message - and we use this message as a source of inspiration for the celebration. Making sure that our clients can get the best for their budget, we combine the best talents in Asia and transform venues to make sure that guests feel welcome, taken care of and leave with a sense of great satisfaction. Our parties never disapoint.


A combination of our fashion background and spatial design, we create soulful content for brands who are looking to grow their following on social media. 

Using nature as a primary source of inspiration, we have collaborated with organic, natural brands such as One Six, Bichachi Diamonds, FoodCraft, Stuart & Lau and more.

For more information about the services we offer, feel free to contact us.

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