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A focus on soft colours, soft curves. Soft materials.

Working with a young couple and their young son, this home was designed to enable them to host at home all while keeping a handle on their busy private lives. From curating bespoke artwork to truly express their inner characters, to creating spaces of family and focus, this home explores new colours, new tones and new textures.

An ESG angle was applied when combining existing furniture pieces from two existing homes: One from Singapore, shipped in, and the second from Hong Kong. No furniture went to waste, each was given a second life.

Feng Shui was also taken into account, with a specific lounge chair placed in the most auspicious zone of the home (for business calls). Good health through WELLness in design was a key focus here.

Dynasty Court - Angela and Chi Tuan: Feature
Dynasty Court - Angela and Chi Tuan: Gallery
Dynasty Court - Angela and Chi Tuan: Text
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