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A home, full of memories.

Working with a collection of items that have followed this family since their arrival in Hong Kong, most pieces were up cycled and used to create a new, refreshing layout for the home.

Adding new storage spaces to help organise the active life that this family lives, the design of their home focuses on a key connection to the seaside nature of Scenic Villa. Deep teals match the midnight seas, with artworks carefully placed around the home to reflect this dynamic relationship of colour throughout the home.

With teenage kids, the rooms were designed to match their outgoing nature - a graffiti wallpaper is placed in one, and a calming Ecuador green painted in the other. The master bedroom is designed like a hotel room, bringing luxury into the heart of the home. 

Scenic Villa - Kath and Laurence: Feature
Scenic Villa - Kath and Laurence: Gallery
Scenic Villa - Kath and Laurence: Text
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